Tracks is a dynamic Thought Leadership programme that reacts to contemporary issues in the transport sector. The annual programme comprises four themes, linked to current and evolving challenges.

Each theme will have three key outputs:

  • Research - around the topic and to form a basis for engagement with decision makers
  • Engagement - roundtables with policy makers
  • Conclusion - summary report

You can be a part of the full annual programme or the individual themes which run independently. More details of the current and upcoming themes are available. Please contact us for more information.

Indvidual Theme fee: £5,000
Annual Programme fee: £17,500

Theme 2: Ensuring a Sustainable Rail Industry

The British rail network is largely run through franchises let by the Government. This system is facing increasing challenges - it isn't necessarily working for passengers who face complex fares and overcrowding and it isn't good at managing long term investment in trains and stations.

Tracks has produced two pieces of thought provoking research examining the future of franchising.

Credo Business Consulting have produced research examining the financial challenges facing rail franchising, and the risks the system faces, especially if there is a slowdown in rail use or in the wider economy. It also sets out some new thinking and coherent proposals for ways forward, including the need for a clear rail strategy linked to the wider economy and for fares reform, and some new models for rail franchising in different areas.

You can read the research here

New research from Campaign for Better Transport looks at how effective franchising is in delivering wider social, economic and environmental benefits. These 'value added' elements represent a major strength of rail over other transport modes. The report and its annexes looks at how franchising contributes to such wider benefits and how this can be enhanced in the future.

Read the Campaign for Better Transport report here with Annexes: A. East Anglia, B. Northern Rail, C. Scotrail, D. Evolution of franchising policy, E. Policy context of rail services

Both reports were supported by roundtables, bringing together different rail interests, local transport authorities and officials from across Government. while a second study will look at how rail franchising can be used to deliver wider social, economic and environmental objectives.

Contact Andy for more information:

Theme 1: Financing Public Transport

Funding for public transport - both national rail and local services - is likely to get increasingly challenging in this Parliament. However, there are examples, in the UK and aborad, of innovative financing for transport projects. This programme researched those examples and explored how they can be more widely used in the UK context.

Under this theme we examined new sources of funding for public transport, with a research report surveying worldwide and UK funding and financing options, followed by a roundtable which brought together finance interests with transport authorities and officials from across Whitehall

You can read the research by Steer Davies Gleave here

Following this, we explored the case for local charging schemes, using Nottingham as a case study. Nottingham City Council has implemented a "workplace parking levy", which has helped pay for a wide range of transport improvements, including tram extensions, an upgrade to the main railway station and an electric bus fleet. We, with the council, prduced a briefing summarising what the city has done and ran a roundtable with representatives from other cities, researchers, business groups and central Government to see what the lessons are and whether others might follow this.

The briefing on Nottingham's Workplace Parking Levy can be read here

Contact Laura for more information:

Who are Campaign for Better Transport?

Campaign for Better Transport has been at the centre of transport policy in the UK for 40 years, working with industry, NGOs, opinion formers and policy makers across the political spectrum.

We have unrivalled contacts across the transport world including leading politicans, officals in the Department for Transport and other parts of central Government, senior figures from the transport industry, and a wid range of NGOs and transport researchers who give us knowledge of new research and thinking.

Campaign for Better Transport has a proven track record of driving change to transport policy and practice through:

  • Organising meetings and roundtables with stakeholders and policy makers to build understanding and knowledge, and develop concrete proposals for deliverable policies
  • Working with partners to bring about change on the ground
  • Producing influential research, often in association with others
  • Hosting high profile speeches by leading politicians
  • Working directly with stakeholders to draw up workable new ideas which can, and often do, become part of mainstream transport programmes.

Thought Leadership

We are developing the scope of our existing thought leadership work with Tracks, and we are looking for partners to join us. We want to work with a wide range of organisations, from within and outside the transport world, in order to address the major challenges that are faced by transport in the coming years:

  • Continuing pressures on public spending: delivering value for money will be paramount
  • Cutting air pollution from traffic and contributing to tackling climate change
  • Continued devolution of transport powers to local authorities
  • Ensuring new development is linked to good transport

Tracks will move transport policy forward, by giving policy-makers access to research and expertise, and building a consensus.

It is designed to be a facility to incite relevant and thought provoking discussion on transport challenges and opportunities. Tracks brings together key policy makers, senior figures from the transport industry, and organisations whose work is at the heart of our common goals for the industry now and in the future, in order to influence mainstream transport programmes.

Campaign for Better Transport Charitable Trust is a charity (1101929) and a company limited by guarantee (4943428)